Private Equity

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There are times when you have a great idea and are willing to throw all you have behind it, but the risk is just too great for regular financing.

This is when F9 can provide access to Angel investors, or Private Equity as it is known.

This route to funds involves in depth assessment of your business and projections. The lender will typically require an equity stake in the business and may wish to have a board presence.

We can work with you and potential investors to ensure reliefs and benefits available under SEIS and EIS scheme are achieved, adding more incentive for the lender.

There is much potential in this area, if you have a new or fledgling business and require funding, contact us today for a consultation on how we can help.

At the age of 30, I was a penniless beach bum. At the age of 37, I was a millionaire.

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