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Countdown to the end of 10% tax rate

by Daniel Ruthven on January 11, 2016 1 comment



The HMRC consultation regarding the ability for company shareholders to claim entrepreneurs relief, paying 10% tax on release of accumulated reserves will run until 3rd February, we will then see the new rules brought into force under the Finance Act by 6th April, at the latest.

If you have built up profits and cash reserves in your company and wish to release those at a 10% tax rate, you need to act today.

Under the new Targeted Anti-Avoidance Rules distributions will be treated as income post a Members Voluntary Liquidation, increasing tax liabilities for some by over 350%!

We have in house Insolvency Practioners who can guarantee distributions will be made before these new changes come into effect. You must act fast, contact us today to discuss and reserve your appointment.

We have accountants in Canary Wharf and Accountants in Brentwood waiting to hear from you.

Read the full consultation document here:


Daniel RuthvenCountdown to the end of 10% tax rate

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  • Vishal Gupta - February 4, 2016 reply

    Hi, I am keen to know the services that you offer related to the recently concluded 10% tax consultation and also looking for expert consultation regarding this and other services that you offer. I work in Canary Wharf and would llik to arrange for an appointment at the earliest. Please let me know an appropriate date and time.


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